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    Trouble with a broken googlebot. A trailing double slash turns up and our page about 'webontwerp' disappears from the results in Google.

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Google testcase

The link below has been placed on this page to get proof of the fact that Google does take links in its listings that do not exist.

This link is not active!

The date that i placed 'webpaginamaaksel' on the internet April 25 - 2005

Webpaginamaaksel a new vision on designing for the web.

Until today September 17 - 2005, there still isn't a site listed in neither Google, Yahoo or MSN. Therefor i have to conclude that deadlinks are not listed as is told on several sites and forums.

The only explanation for a dead link in the listings, i can think of, would be the one that the page existed and has been removed.