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How to be found on the internet - Documentation

  • Handleiding HTML TU Delft (Dutch)
    Guidebook on design using HTML and CSS. A great reference-book.
  • Pagerank explained (English)
    Pagerank is a number that states the scoring of a page according to an important algorhythm by Google. (note: Google uses more than one algorhythm). This publication, in easy language, explains how pagerank works, partly based on the original publications by the founders of Google, partly on speculation and experience.
  • Pagerank explained 2 (German)
    Überblick über das PageRank-Verfahren der Suchmaschine Google.
    This publication states, in easy language, how pagerank works.
  • Search indexing robots and robots.txt (English)
    Robots.txt. Of course, sometimes there are parts of your text that you don't want to see published in search engine indexes. The file Robots.txt can make sure that robots obey this rule and stay out of the stated parts of the text. But, it's absolutely no guarantee that that information will not appear in one of the search engines.


In newsgroups on Usenet, reachable via Google.groups or an e-mail client that can also read out newscasts, you can ask specific questions and/or read along. These groups attend to various matters concerning one specific subject. There are however, groups that will not appreciate questions that have no relation with the attended subject.

  • Nieuwsgroep (English)
    The purpose of this group is to discuss and debate all subjects related to search engines and the technology associated with them. This wide subject ranges from search engine optimization to "where is the submit button in AltaVista's new layout".
  • Nieuwsgroep Nl.Internet.Www.Ontwerp (Dutch) Here a lot of subjects concerning make-up, design and coding of pages on the internet are attended in Dutch!.

Validation - Tracing mistakes

Part of a solid web design is a valid page.

With both mentioned sites you can have your document checked for mistakes. You can do so by stating your URL, for example; or by stating a file on your computer.

WebDesign according to standards:

Webdesign tools / programs


Being found on the internet - search engines

A short guide on how to optimize your website, make it more usable and being found in searchengines.

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