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SEO expert

Does he exist?

Does there exist an SEO expert, and especially one that works ethical? Perhapse there is!.

Not that there is an official education, or you could get a masters degree in being an SEO Expert. There isn't even a certificate that says:

SEO Expert - Certificate

We (official institute) hereby grant Vision2form Design the right to proclaim the title SEO Expert. A true expert in optimizing websites and giving true and honest advice.

Signed chairman ....

Just forget that. There is no official title or edjucational institute to provide an official degree in search engine optimization.

There are however company's that do earn the title SEO Expert. Company's that, contrary to the numerous charlatans do practice ethical SEO. They are the true experts, they know what kind of tricks are being used and do know how to optimize websites properly and can give you an SEO advice an Expert worthy.

With confidence, and references that bear witness, we can say we do have knowledge of search engine optimization and make sure your pages are being found on the internet. If that makes us an SEO expert, fine. We however do not care much about that title.

To us there is just one thing that counts: giving reliable advice.

Contact us to discover what makes the difference.

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