Glass and mirrors - A rich history

Glass history Part 1

5000 BC - AD 100
» The discovery of glass


Glass probably exists since the beginnings of time, formed as a result of high temperature .... Glass history »»

Glass history Part 2

AD 100 - Industrial Revolution
» The Roman influence

Roman vase

The Romans have made it possible that the knowledge of making glass could be spread so quick and in such a large area. With its conquests, trade relations, road building, ....Glass history Part II »»

Glass history Part 3

Industrial Revolution - Present day
» A craft becomes industry

Glass production

It was not until the latter stages of the Industrial Revolution, however, that mechanical technology for mass production and in-depth scientific research into the relationship between the composition of glass and its physical qualities began to appear in the industry.....Glass history Part III »»

The history of mirrors


Mirrors are used by man long befor the discovery of making glass. Made of metal ....Mirror history »»

Glass and Mirrors.

The history of mirrors.

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