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Custom made mirrors

We are specialised in custom made mirrors.

Mirrors can be made in so many different colours, shapes, framed or unframed etc. that it seems to be just bounded by your imagination.

Ask us and maybe we can help you!

Glass and mirrors - A rich history



Glass probably exists since the beginnings of time, formed as a result of high temperature .... Glass history »»

The history of mirrors


Mirrors are used by man long befor the discovery of making glass. Made of metal ....Mirror history »»

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Mirrors and glass information

Glass transparant, almost liquid, is an amorphous solid.

Where does glass originate, who discovered glass, and how is glass made?


Glass and mirrors fascinates people through the centuries and has been woven in tales and mysterious qualities have been ascribed to it. The history of glass and mirrors is long and glorious. Glass and its new developments are part of our modern life and an important contribution to our prosperity.

A house without glass, let alone a life without glass aint imaginable any more.

Did you know there are basicaly 3 ways of making glass? Blowing, pulling and float?


Glass can be processed by:

  • cutting, with a diamond and with water,
  • mill,
  • grinded,
  • polished,
  • engraved,
  • etched,
  • sandblasted,
  • stained and
  • decorated in many ways.

To many of those facts and questions about glass and mirrors we will try to give an answer and more background information in this section of our web site.

I hope you will enjoy the infos and articles. T. Lubbers