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Mirror wall - Gym and Dance studio mirrors.

Mounting full sized mirror walls

To give you a good impression on how we do mount mirror walls, we have made this case study on a mirrored wall we installed in a sports hall in Brussels.

First off all we inspect the wall. Are the walls free of nails, screws, sharp pieces and are there no obstacles in front off the wall or in the path we need to bring the mirrors in to the building. If all is secured and checked we can start the mounting.

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montage spiegelwand sporthal - gaten boren voor het profiel aan de onderkant montage spiegelwand sporthal - plaatsing spiegelprofiel

We place a laser-line that is level, to mount the first mirror profile. Next we drill the holes in the profiles and in the wall to mount the bottom profile.

montage spiegelwand sporthal - plaatsing spiegelprofiel bovenkant montage spiegelwand sporthal - spiegelprofiel bovenkant is geplaatst

After we have mounted the bottom profiles we can now measure the place where the top profiles should be placed. The holes are drilled and the profiles mounted.

montage spiegelwand sporthal - plaatsing spiegels montage spiegelwand sporthal - plaatsing spiegels

The first mirror panel will be placed to check if the profile is mounted at the right height and if everything is correct, we can place the mirrors. One after another.

We use special equipment - suction cups, with whom we can lift the mirrors easily into the profile.

montage spiegelwand sporthal - montage afgerond spiegelwand sporthal Brussel

The mirror wall is in place and we clean up the place by removing packing material, dust and grit. The last thing to do is clean the mirrors and then we are done.

We check the mirror wall one last time together with our customer.

On to the next job, may be at your place?

Mounting the profile

We try to be as clear as possible in every case study we provide and try to show you how we work, at placing the profiles how ever we feel we have to be more explicit as you have to be more precise at that point. On the page mounting the mirror profile we have given this step a bit more detail so you can be sure the mirror wall is mounted in a professional way.

No standard measurements! You tell us how big and we will make it!

Custom made mirrors. You will find your mirror wall at Vision2Form.

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