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Mirrored walls - Gym and Dance studio mirrors.

Full sized mirror wall examples

Case examples of mirrored walls / full sized mirror walls we installed in fitness centers, private or company gyms, dance schools and ballrooms.

bronskleurige spiegelwand Amsterdam Arena spiegelwand fitness-studio Fitness Center spiegelwand fitness-studio Poeldijk spiegelwand sporthal Brussel spiegelwand - achterwand keuken uit spiegelglas spiegelwand muziekcentrum vintage spiegelwand Hulst - Morres wonen


A full size mirror or gym mirror enlarges the space and most important, it makes movement visible.

Regardless if it is for a personal practice room, dance school or fitness center, it is important to see how you move.

A wrong posture can cause problems, a mirror shows you how you move, how you stand and you can see directly if you are doing it wrong. You can adjust your movement and posture.

Creating an atmosphere

Next to the fact that mirrors have a great influence on the space by giving us the illusion that the space is much larger, a mirror wall can be an eye catcher and an important part of the impression a room has, its atmosphere, as well.

A smooth clean surface and a tight finish, leave a refined impression of quality. Extending that impression by using colored mirrors in bronze, resulting in a room with a warm ambiance and a luxurious impression. The best example we can give are the rooms in the Amsterdam Arena where we placed full sized mirrors in the VIP lounge Amsterdam Arena.

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