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How to get links?

I pointed that one out a while ago and it still counts for now, so here is a reminder.

It is realy very simple.

People search on the net for information if you can provide it to them in the way they want it or in a way they can use it, you'll get the links.

If you write about something few people are interested in, you will get just a few links.

So the only thing you will have to do is figure out what you are good at, have plenty of information to share about, and many people are interested in.

It could be an article, a gadget, a widget, a usefull programm, or even a funny video.

So it aint about how to get the links its all about: Finding the hook that does it for you ;)

For me it was writing about the branche i am in. I am in two, so i might be more lucky to find a hook.

I wrote about the history of glass and the history of mirrors, but also about how to be found in Google. Those articles where written years ago and still get me links today.

I know its basic, but that realy is what its all about. So get your pen and paper and summ up those things you know plenty of. Or, start writing that gadget / widget you have always wanted to. And tell people about it.

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