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How to be found on the internet

On the internet, and especially if the subject Webdesign is brought up, it seems to be that there is just one thing that matters; "Being found by the search engines". In all this striving for the best places on the searchengines, there is one factor that seems to be forgoten, You, "the visitor".

I do hope that your pages have been made and optimized for your visitors and not just for the searchengines. If not so, than all the effort made is wasted. High ranking positions gained mainly by focusing on the searchengines won't make your pages of interest for your visitor. On the internet when i am surfing, i am looking for Information. If for what ever reason i reach a site that is packed with nonsens and links, i will be gone within a second. Wouldn't you?

On the other hand, a site allone, even if it is packed with information and beautifully designed, will not be successful, if it can't be found.

How to build a friendly website for your visitor and the search engines?

This may come as a schock to you! It is very simple. As already mentioned, the essence of a site is the information that can be found on a website and how it is presented. Is it well structured and usable.

When you know how to structure the information you want to make available and what the basic rules are, it ain't as easy as ABC, but definetly no rocketsience either.

This manual is available in Dutch, German and now in English too.

Being found on the internet - search engines

A short guide on how to optimize your website, make it more usable and being found in searchengines.

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