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Building and managing your webshop.

Open source or custom build

I want a webshop and now what to do? A common question, to wich we cant give a simple answer. We would need to have to discuss this with you personaly. In general we can give some advice by giving you some guidelines:

  • Custom build is expensive, but you get it build to your wishes.
  • Open source is cheaper, but you need to have some knowledge and time if you plan to do it on your own.

Custom build webshop

You would choose for custom build if you are planning to set up a large online shop with many products and build completely to your wishes. Custom build is suited for larger companies that have to link it up to their own software and accounting system.

Development takes time and a large investment.

Open source Ecommerce

You would prefer a open source webshop if you want to spend less and want your small shop up and running fast.

Open source ecommerce = a package that can be downloaded for free and can be used without a monthly payment.

Remember, you will get the basic version of the software, that hasnt the latest updates and bug fixes. It comes with a standard template and you will have to install and maintain it yourself.

As it is 'open' software, what means that the code can be used and altered as you wish, many webdesign companies have the abillity to customise it for you for a small price (compared to custom build). You can purchase a Full version that is up to date and have it customized with a brand new template and all the plug-ins you wish (and that are available).

Many of these packages come with a service and maintenance contract where, installation, hosting and server maintenance, software and design updates are mananged for you.

Advantages of open source:

  • Quick start up and running
  • Adjustable and a wide range of plugins
  • Online information and manuals available (with large communities!)
  • Online help in forums
  • Webdesign companies can adjust and manage for you

But the most import of them is:

Low start up costs!

Open source webshop software


Magento, is an opensource ecommerce software that comes with many options to adjust and optimize. Due to its large allready built in options and its havy coding, this package is asking more from your server.

Comes as multi-shop, you can manage multiple shops form 1 backend.

Has a wide range of plug-ins available.


  • Bulky and heavy coding that asks a lot of your server capacity that even gets overloaded easy.
  • Asks a lot of knowledge for installation and set up.

To let Magento run smooth and stable, hosting it on a dedicated server is almost a musst.

Not recommended for a novice.

Commerce Seo

Commerce SEO is also an open source ecommerce webshop, based on the 'OS commerce' package.

This software package has been optimized and further developed. It has a better structure and leaner coding.

The chief point of this package is 'SEO'. It already has many adjustments and changes necessary to present content better and more logic.

By its lean coding and clean structure, this package is fast and stressable.

The main reason for a clear structure is the small team that develops this software. Every one knows what the other does and follows guidelines of programming. Therefor updates and changes take longer and some adjustments will have to be stalled.

Commerce SEO is in my humble opinion, the best webshop based on open source.


  • Longer development times, slower updates.
  • Small community, the software isnt used by the masses, therefor information and help are not optimal.
  • The base language is 'German' and not all has been translated yet.


For some one that is willing to invest some time and has some knowledge of webshops, this is a perfect base to start an online sales.

There are small webdesign companies available to do it all for you!

One of them is us!

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