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SEO quality mark, abuse of trust - brief search engine news (4 feb. 2008)

SEO Quality mark abuse by quality mark owner

Due to a discussion about a new SEO keurmerk and the value one can attach to it, a couple of days ago I wrote that a SEO quality mark doesn't exist and gives only a semblance of security. After a short search among the proudly presenting new "quality mark" owners, it's allready clear.

A quality mark owner openly applies search engine spam!

After a Google search on SEO quality mark, I found a mention of a webdesigner in North-Holland. At first sight nothing special.

But later on I even found a quality mark owner who abuses the name Google in his own domain name. That's nice, Google spends millions to register a mark and this company shamelessly violates the mark- and business rights. Upon further investigation it also became clear that it was exactly the same page as that of the web designer in North-Holland.

Duplicate content and abuse of brand names doesn't prevent that one can bear a 'quality mark'.

To be honest, I'm not surprised and it will not stop at this one incident.

Annoying about this business not only is, that the SEO specialism again is put on the spot in a negative way, but also that through these "quality marks" one tries to equalise the non- quality mark owners with "the bad guys". After all, the meaning of such a quality mark is to show that those who own it mean well, and the ones who don't own such a quality mark... ah well, you fill in the dots.

As long as nothing is arranged and there's no official organ that comes with good initiatives and offeres a solid quality mark, a quality mark bearing company is suspicious on forehand. ;)

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