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Looking for a present to a special occasion:
a wedding, birth ....?

A mirror has something special!

An original gift.

Glass and mirrors - A rich history



Glass probably exists since the beginnings of time, formed as a result of high temperature .... Glass history »»

The history of mirrors


Mirrors are used by man long befor the discovery of making glass. Made of metal ....Mirror history »»

Vision2Form Design® Mirrors and mirror heating.

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  • Our products are made in Holland and Germany.
  • We only use exclusive high quality materials.
  • The assembling of the products is done by hand.
  • Time after time we check the quality.
  • Our products are already sold by a few selected dealers in Holland.
  • Through the internet we have sold and shiped out to many satisfacted customers.
  • No online transaction will take place.
  • Our service doesn't stop at the door.
  • We stand to the quality of our products!   Period!