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Calculator wattage

Before we start calculating the power / wattage needed for a room or complete home, it is important to know that the calculated amount is the minimum needed amount for well isolated spaces!

As with conventional heaters, heat will get lost due to bad isolation of the walls, the floor etc. Next to that, the purpose of the room has to be taken in account for.

The temperature of your bathroom has to be higher to feel comfortable within, than that of for example your livingroom, kitchen or study.

Rule of thumb

Installers use the following rule of thumb for calculating the wattage needed to heat a room if the infrared / electrical heaters are ment as main heating system:

  • Bathroom - 85 watt per m3

  • Livingroom - 70 watt per m3

  • cm
  • cm
  • cm

  • m3
  • Watt


This Calculator is to be used as a general guide for Wattage calculation!

If your room has a high ceiling or if it has large windows, large sliding glass doors or is a conservatory, then you will need more watts of heat to heat up the room effectively.