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Webdesign mistakes

They are rare I know, but still, there are some days one has the time to just sit back and surf on the web. Going nowhere, just surfing, looking at many different websites. And it stroke me that there are so many websites that do trigger a feeling of nausea with more mistakes than one can bear.

  1. pop ups

    Your website has plenty of room to tell me what it is about, so why do you have to pop up a new one?

  2. Sneaky pop-under advertisment

    I did not want to see that site - banner - ad or whatever in the first place, so why do you think I want it when closing my browser window?

  3. Fly ins

    Those irritating ads that seem to merge with the website, and even sometimes can't be clicked away. Why should I even think a website that has these ads is worth a second look if even the webmaster does care more about the ads than about its content?

  4. Deceiving redirects

    Ever landed on a page and got redirected to a completely different? I realy hate it when they do that. Next!

  5. FLASH !

  6. Useless stupid intro's (splash screens)

    Home pages with nothing more but a language choice or irritating video. Yukk

  7. Did I mention Flash already?

  8. Resizing my browser window

    Why do you have to play with my browser window? Don't you have anything else to play with? If you can't make a website that fits in my window then why are you even building websites?

  9. Did I mention completely in Flash build websites?

    Those neat little puzzle peaces I get with the reminder I don't have Flash installed and that try to get me installing another plugin from company x or y and z? Those sites that tell me I don't have the latest version? Or even worse, those stupid little pricks that try to activate installing that latest version upon arriving at their website?

    If someone does try to do that I get pissed of and would like to f***** n*** the b******. But than again, I don't have to do anything to destroy their little precious site..... They already did that themselves. They just don't know it. Hehehehehe.

  10. Scrolling text

    Text that runs like hell over my screen as if it wasn't meant to be read. So why did you put it on your site?

  11. Flashing stereo pictures

    New flashy, trendy ... I for sure hope not! Those wannabee stereo quadrupel 3D pictures are not stunning or even usefull, except if you want a headache or throw up. I don't! Just imagine what it does to someone who is epileptic...

Ps. (disclaimer)

I try to explain things in a funny way so you get the point. There might actually be some people that visit your website, do you really want to piss them off?