Poems - poetry by T. Lubbers

Web2 sites are a big hit. People sharing their lives on social channels is now more common. Being 'top dog' or 'princess of the block' seems to be a goal for life. Just take care of what you say, it might be there longer than you want ;)

Tweet Twit twit (nov. 18-2009)

Tweet Twit twit.

Leave a juicy bit
get some guys to lit.

Show a bit of tit,
and soon you are a hit.

Follow now dont go away
please just stay

Getting more and being better
leaving words not a letter

telling what i feel or what i ate
leaving some of me or just a bait

Twit twit tweet

Follow me now please
i need more so i just tease

Tweet twit twit

Twit till i am a hit