Thoughts - by T. Lubbers

British Airways discriminating on belief

Discrimination on belief.

Today, and it didn't come as a surprise, another large company got into trouble by declaring a religic symbol as unwanted in their dresscode.

A stewardess did wear a little cross underneath here costume and was punished for that. That very same company allows personnel that has a different religion to wear trubans or even a headscarf.

The company I am talking about is British Airways. A company that has so many employees from so many different cultures, is located in so many country's for such a long time now, that it should be aware of the fact that discriminating on religious reasons is not the way to go.

A wrong signal

By giving this kind of signals, people might get angry, they might even get angry about other people that are allowed to wear a token of their religion.

Not only BA walks that path in these times, where so many are so spastic about religion and espacially the Muslemic belief. If it is positive or negativ discrimination, both are evil.

A negative attitude to people who believe in Mohammed just because some fanatic Muslims did some terrible things is completely stupid. Just think of all those Christians that did terrible things a few century's ago.

When do people start to judge people on what they do, not on what some one else that by coincidence has the same religion did?

When are company's that are so powerfull, that they could influence the sentiment of many going to be aware off that and start to akt upon their responsibillity?

When are governments and leaders going to akt in a sane manor when it comes to religion? Only then, and only then, people could catch that spark of hope and sanity that religion is about hope and not about fear!

Religion is about faith and hope!