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My vision

"People exist out of and by emotions. Thats my vision".
Tonnie Lubbers

Poems and thoughts - Haiku - a personal vision

Thoughts captured in a poem

To me, my poems have become a way to express my deepest feelings. The poems you are about to read on this pages are a reflection of my thoughts. If in any way they bring up some confusing feelings or issues, talk to someone close to you. It may help to have a comforting, supportive person who can help you sort out what's on your mind.

I do hope that reading these poems may be as much fun as writing them was to me. Tonnie Lubbers

New Poems

Hold my hand (sept. 22-2021)

If i walk into darkness with you

hold my hand

i might be ... >> Hold my hand

New Quote

Love isn't knowing (dec. 1-2008)

The fact that someone loves you ... >> Love isn't knowing


For a long time now, the simple form of a Haiku, a short Japanese form of poetry, intrigues me. Without much words, a feeling, a moment in time or an event is captured in just a few lines.

Not an easy job, I can tell you. Writing a short story in so little words. A Haiku contains just 3 sentences with just 17 syllables. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second line just 7, and the third line 5.